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Smoothing primer: discover the secret to perfect skin.

We might be familiar with the name, but most of us are not entirely sure what it is and how to use it. So is a smoothing primer skincare or make-up?

Smoothing primer: what is it?

Part of the skin-perfecting family, a smoothing primer is not skincare as such, but a complementary product designed to visibly improve skin quality. Always applied after your usual skincare routine, it is an ideal base for make-up if you wish to use this. Its ease of use and results on the skin make it THE must-have product among make-up artists and women in search of instant perfection!

What is it used for and what are its effects?

Sometimes also known as ‘blur’ thanks to its blurring properties, a smoothing primer helps to correct minor imperfections, filling in dilated pores and/or blackheads, smoothing and unifying the complexion. Its ultra-light, blur texture instantly perfects skin quality, for a perfect-looking, natural complexion. Some products also contain colored pigments (green, yellow or purple) to provide an additional correcting action on the complexion and minor imperfections.

A smoothing primer can be applied on its own after your skincare routine but also makes a very good base for make-up: allowing easier application of foundation, in particular, and helping make-up to last longer by preventing absorption of the products by the skin. It also helps to protect the skin by stopping the accumulation of particles of make-up and impurities in the pores.

In short, a smoothing primer is the key to instant perfect skin, even without make-up.

Laboratoire NUXE expertise: a multi-perfecting smoothing primer.

NUXE has drawn on its laboratory’s know-how and expertise in natural formulation to create a smoothing primer that respects the skin’s balance: Prodigieuse® Boost 5-in-1 Multi-Perfection Smoothing Primer.

Based on natural-origin ingredients, this blur effect non-tinted primer reveals perfect-looking and natural skin even without make-up for a bare skin effect! Its multi-perfecting and blur actions help to conceal irregularities in just 15 seconds and fade the first signs of aging day after day. For beautiful skin!

How should you apply your smoothing primer?

A smoothing primer is not a day cream and these two products are not interchangeable: it is applied locally to areas to be corrected, such as expression lines, minor imperfections, dilated pores or other irregularities, T-zone, chin, etc. It is always used after your usual skincare routine, but can be applied in different ways depending on the desired effect:

  •  If you prefer a no make-up look, apply your smoothing primer as the last step in your skincare routine, after your day cream, for more natural results. Perfect, natural-looking skin guaranteed!
  •  If you want a ‘blemish-free complexion, apply your smoothing primer as a make-up base, before your foundation and/or powder.
  • The beauty ritual you can take everywhere: retouch specific areas to correct minor blemishes at any time of day.

Applied correctly, a smoothing primer forms a ‘second skin’ with no mask effect; smoothing the face and unifying the complexion for perfect-looking skin!

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