Nuxe Body Rêve de Thé

Let your senses soar with this revitalizing green tea body care range with ultra-refreshing textures and a 100% feel-good scent.

Rêve de Thé Collection

Refreshing Deodorant 24HR, Rêve de Thé 50 ml

5.0 Stars 5 Reviews

Revitalizing Shower Gel, Rêve de Thé 200 ml

5.0 Stars 5 Reviews

Toning-Firming Cream, Rêve de Thé 200 ml

5.0 Stars 4 Reviews

NUXE Research

Innovation: your 100% feel-good body care routine.
Revitalize your body and mind with Rêve de Thé, the new body care line that promises a holistic treat.

A green Tea Extract with recognised moisturising properties(1) infused in ultra-sensorial textures: refreshing and granular, delicate gel, ‘ice cube’ effect cream, fluid and creamy lotion.

Each product beautifies your skin and brings you in touch with your senses. A moment to savour, thanks also to the Rêve de Thé scent with vibrant notes of rhubarb, fresh herbs and a gradually evolving heart of green tea.

Star Ingredient

Laboratoire NUXE has selected a 100% natural-origin extract of tea, a medicinal plant that has been recognised for its hydrating properties for almost 5,000 years.
Unlike black tea, green tea does not pass through a fermentation stage: which means it is richer in antioxidant polyphenols.

The extract used in the Rêve de Thé formulas is obtained using an environmentally friendly Made in France biotechnological process: botanical cells are multiplied from a tiny fragment of plant and then stimulated to produce more active molecules.
These are then fragmented, which allows them to instantly unleash their benefits to strengthen the skin and improve its ability to retain water.

It is an ideal ingredient to soften and moisturise the skin.

Rêve de Thé beauty routine

Which Rêve de Thé routine should you choose for smooth, soft and moisturized skin?

Start by cleansing your skin: a simple but essential step to remove all the impurities that accumulate in daily life. To cleanse skin with no drying effect, opt for a botanical cleansing base, such as the one in the Revitalising Shower Gel with green tea extract, to leave skin feeling soft and comfortable.

Once or twice a week, use the Revitalising Granular Scrub to exfoliate your entire body. Massage its granular texture with Bamboo seeds in circular movements, focusing on smoothing any rough areas of skin.

With dead skin cells now removed, your skin is ready for the final step in its ‘gentle’ care routine: moisturising. 2 options: the 24-hour Revitalising Moisturizing Milk, an ideal choice for days when you’re in a hurry as you can get dressed immediately after application. Or the Toning Firming Cream, perfect for a toning massage.

⁽¹⁾ Except Revitalizing Exfoliating Scrub, Revitalising Shower jelly, Fresh-Feel Roll-on Deodorant | 24hr, Exalting Fragrant Water.