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Caring for your hands

Why do you need to care for your hands?

The skin on our hands is thinner and more fragile in comparison with the rest of the body, and it is exposed to harsh external influences every day (UV, pollution, household products, regular washing, etc.) which place it under constant stress. Over time, the skin on our hands can become chapped or dry, signs of aging gradually start to appear and can give away our age.

What can you do?

Here are a few good habits for beautiful hands every day:

First good habit: regular moisturizing. This is particularly important in winter when colder weather disrupts our skin’s balance. Ideal solution: a moisturizing hand cream for normal skin or a nourishing hand cream for drier and more sensitive skin. Choose a cream that combines nourishing with an anti-aging and anti-dark spot action for mature skin.

Application tip: a few times a day, apply a small drop of cream to the back of your hand and use the back of your other hand to spread it over your skin. Finish by rubbing it into the palms of your hands, between your fingers and over your nails, paying particular attention to the cuticles. Your hands will then be moisturized, nourished and protected from external aggressions (wind, cold, etc.).

Extra benefit in the evening: apply the cream in a thicker layer before going to bed for a more intense action overnight and super-soft hands in the morning.

  • It is also a good idea to use an exfoliating product from time to time. Exfoliation will remove surface dead skin cells to reveal more beautiful hands every day.

Don’t forget to always apply a moisturizing cream afterwards to maintain the hydrolipidic film and keep your hands feeling soft.

  •  Extra benefit in winter: always wear gloves on cold days to stop your hands from becoming dry in colder temperatures.

You can even apply some hand cream before you put your gloves on for super-soft hands at all times.

  • And make sure you protect your hands from damage during everyday tasks. For example, wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes will prevent your hands from becoming dry and uncomfortable over time.
  • Finally, as our hands are constantly exposed to the external environment, it is a good idea to choose a cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) to protect them from UV rays and avoid the appearance of pigmentation marks.



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