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A range of masks that offer fresh and beautiful skin.


About Insta-Masque

The beauty “must have” with instant effectiveness.

Insta-Masque is the collection of facial masks combining 2 effective ingredients for 2 key actions on the skin and visible results in just 2 minutes. The beauty “must have” with instant effectiveness, face masks take your skincare to the next level. Discover the perfect skincare face mask for your skin type within our Insta-Masque collection, or mix-and-match them all for the ultimate self-care experience.

The Insta-Masque Detoxifying Mask is a charcoal mask, which combines the benefits of Rose floral water with activated botanical charcoal to capture and remove impurities. This luxurious NUXE detox face mask will cleanse the skin of polluting particles, sebum, excess oils and impurities in just 2 minutes. Your skin will feel detoxified, fresh and radiant.


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The Insta-Masque Purifying Mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with white clay to very gently purify the skin. In just 2 short minutes, skin feels cleansed and will feel visibly smoother. The ultra-sensory light and fresh texture of the Purifying Mask will not dry out the skin or leave any sensation of tightness.

The Insta-Masque Scrubbing Mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with Macadamia oil and a natural-origin fine exfoliating powder to exfoliate and even out skin tone in just 2 minutes. Skin texture is instantly smoother and the complexion is brighter.

Transform your skincare routine by incorporating the Insta-Masque collection into your daily self-care ritual.