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Skin functions as if it were 10 years younger⁽¹⁾
Powerful anti-aging correction: wrinkles, firmness, dark spots**


Super Serum [10] set

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A super concentrate of naturalness and sensoriality
Laboratoire NUXE has combined its expertise in both oils and anti-aging to create Super Serum [10], an essential care product for all NUXE anti-aging routines, for all skin types. For the first time, NUXE has used a microfluidic encapsulation in this universal age-defying concentrate: its formula with natural Hyaluronic Acid is infused with thousands of micro-balls of fractionated Botanical Oils.

Super Serum [10] Face
Powerful anti-aging correction (wrinkles, firmness, dark spots)
From the 1st drops, skin appears transformed: smoothed, replumped, and luminous.
Within a few weeks, proven anti-aging effectiveness⁽²⁾: wrinkles and fine lines are faded, 84% of users feel their skin is smoother, 71% feel their skin is firmer. Dark spots appear corrected; 81% of users feel their complexion is more even.

A real sensorial experience
Discover the refreshing sensation and lightness of a serum combined with the silky texture of the micro-balls for absolute comfort. Its divine texture and subtle scent with botanical notes make it an absolute pleasure to use: 100% of users like its texture⁽²⁾.

Transform your eye area with Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye
Rediscover the anti-aging promise of Super Serum [10] Face in a care product designed specifically for the delicate and sensitive eye contour area.
Applied daily, the Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye provides 360° correction on wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and signs of fatigue.
After a few weeks of use, 97% of users⁽³⁾ find their eye area appears rejuvenated and their skin seems smoother. Dark circles are reduced for 100% of users⁽³⁾.



Super Serum [10] Face contains 95% natural-origin ingredients, and Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye contains 96%.
A combination of very carefully selected active ingredients.

Their unique vegan* formula combines the power of Natural Hyaluronic Acid with thousands of micro-balls of fractionated botanical oils:

- Natural hyaluronic acid: obtained using botanical biotechnology, this hyaluronic acid is rapidly absorbed deep inside the skin to stimulate its youth mechanisms.

-Thousands of micro-balls of fractionated Botanical Oils: botanical oils are fractionated then reassembled with a selection of their most precious fatty acids for perfect affinity with the skin. They are naturally encapsulated one by one in the form of micro-balls which melt into the skin on application.


Universally irresistible

Super Serum [10] Face and Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye combine with all NUXE anti-aging skincare ranges to meet the needs of all skin types. Applied before a day or night cream, they complete your beauty routine. The Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye is applied either on its own or alternately with another Nuxe eye cream (alternating morning and evening).

Step 1:
Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye
The first step in a face care routine to awaken the eyes, the Super Serum [10] Yeux Eye is applied over the entire area around the upper and lower eyelids.

Step 2:
Super Serum [10] Face
An ally for all skin types, the Super Serum [10] Face is the essential NUXE anti-aging product to apply before your NUXE day and/or night cream.

Step 3:
Combine your routine with the NUXE skincare range that most closely reflects your skin’s needs:

Crème Prodigieuse® Boost: from age 25.
Merveillance Lift: from age 35.
Nuxuriance Ultra: from age 50.
Nuxuriance Gold : from age 65.

Ingredients of natural origin: natural-origin ingredients.

*Formula without ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
**Except Super Serum 10 Yeux Eye
(1) In vitro test.
(2) Usage test – 31 women - Satisfaction % after 28 days of use.
(3) Usage test – 31 volunteers. Satisfaction % after 56 days of use.