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Crème Prodigieuse® Boost

A collection of skincare products to fight the first signs of aging.


About Crème Prodigieuse® Boost

A Multi-Correction product that preserves the skin's appearance youthfulness.

NUXE's Crème Prodigieuse® Boost is a collection of 6 skincare products that have been specially formulated to fight against the effects of a hectic lifestyle: stress, tiredness, pollution on the skin. Enriched with an anti-oxidant complex with Jasmine Flower, these products boost the luminosity of the complexion while respecting its natural balance. The result is fresher, fuller-looking, brighter skin, even on stressful days.

The Crème Prodigieuse® Boost delivers freshness that melts into the skin in the blink of an eye. The luxurious textures and rich botanical ingredients make the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost collection a skincare staple for all skin types and ages. Its Multi-Corrective properties preserves the skin's youthfulness and dewy glow.

Incorporate Crème Prodigieuse® Boost into your daily skincare regime and discover the rich textures and botanical ingredients within. The Crème Prodigieuse® Boost collection features the sensuality of the iconic fragrance, lifted with a fresh, vibrant harmony of Jasmine Flower, the delightful tangy notes of Pink Lychee and a sensual Musk base.


The Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Multi-Correction Eye Balm helps protect the fragile skin around the eyes from external aggressions. The Crème Prodigieuse® 5-in-1 Boost Blur targets the five visible signs of an intense lifestyle: early markers of aging, indications of fatigue, dull complexion, blemishes and shine. The Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Energizing Priming Concentrate with jasmine blossom antioxidant complex and vitamin C erases signs of fatigue, replumps and reveals fresh skin. The Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Multi-Correction Gel Cream helps skin feel smoothed and replenished. The rich Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Multi-Correction Silky Cream restores softness and comfort to normal to dry skin. Finally, the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Night Recovery Oil Balm wraps your skin in a gentle cocoon with no greasy finish. In the morning, your features appear relaxed, and you have a fresh complexion.

Proven Results

Users have noted that:

Skin is smoother for 83% (1) of women

Complexion is more luminous for 84% (1) of women

Skin is rebounded for 83% (2) of women

Skin is fresher for 97% (2) of women

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Build your own routine.

Find out which products are right for you based on your skin type.
Save 20% when you buy 3+ products with code: SAVE20

(1) Multi-correction silky cream: Use test on 32 volunteers % of satisfaction after 28 days.

(2) Multi-correction Gel Cream: Use test on 29 volunteers % of satisfaction after 28 days.