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Nuxuriance® Gold​

The ultimate anti-aging effect for dry, fragile skin.


About Nuxuriance® Gold

Nuxuriance® Gold delivers supreme anti-aging results for dry, mature, and fragile skin. With 4 Patents (FR), Nuxuriance® Gold fights all visible signs of aging including; lack of nutrition, loss of density and radiance, fine lines and wrinkles. Combining the potency of botanical ingredients with the innovation of the NUXE Laboratoire, Nuxuriance® Gold blends renewing Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells®, with a Jiaogulan and Rockrose Nutri-Restorative Complex and the Porcelain Rose Oleoactive® to brighten the complexion.

Nuxuriance® Gold has been created with formulas containing more than 92% natural ingredients and soothing textures for ideal comfort for tired skin. Illuminate, revitalise and smooth the skin with the inimitable Nuxuriance® Gold collection. Night after night, your skin will grow stronger and more resistant to damage and the signs of aging.

The Nuxuriance® Gold collection delivers absolute anti-aging power to your daily skincare routine. Skin will appear brighter, tighter, and more youthful with Nuxuriance® Gold products, that have been formulated with emotional benefits in mind.

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Incorporate the Nuxuriance® Gold Radiance Eye Balm into your daily skincare routine to bring your eye area back to life. The Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Replenishing Serum will renew the skin, day after day. Your skin will be fortified and illuminated, beautiful and glowing with radiance. The absolute anti-aging power of the Nutri-Replenishing Oil Cream will help the skin appear firmer and smoother. Wake up to more youthful-looking skin with the Nutri-Replenishing Night Balm. 

Proven Results

Owing to a study conducted by Neuroscience researchers, after 28 days of using the Nuxuriance® Gold routine, it was noted that women had a more positive self-image, they felt better in themselves physically and gained more confidence. Prepare for a new incredible sensory experience! Women felt their skin was:

Re-plumped, in 88% of cases (1)

Firmer, in 88% of cases (1)

Fortified, in 84% of cases (1)

Build your own routine banner. Find out which products are right for you based on your skin type. Save 20% when you buy 3+ products with code: SAVE20

Build your own routine.

Find out which products are right for you based on your skin type.
Save 20% when you buy 3+ products with code: SAVE20

(1) Use test - 32 women. Satisfaction % after 28 days of using Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream.