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Liquid care

What is liquid care?

The Asian cosmetics market has been developing particularly dynamically for some time and liquid care products can now be found in most pharmacies.

This invigorating new approach to the morning routine is ideal for all busy women. The products have the same light and fresh texture as a lotion but contain a similar concentration of active ingredients as a classic care product.

They are applied as the first step in the skincare routine to prepare the skin for subsequent ingredients and maximize their benefits.

NUXE liquid care products

Inspired by this trend, NUXE has drawn on its research and innovative talent to formulate liquid care offering the same effectiveness as classic skincare products. What are these new fresh and light products, why should we use them and how do we apply them?

Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Energising Priming Concentrate

Inspired by Asian beauty routines, the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Energising Priming Concentrate is one example of this new skincare trend, combining the lightness and freshness of a lotion with the concentration and effectiveness of a serum.

In delivers a real surge of freshness and radiance to fade signs of fatigue and moisturize the skin.

Bonus: you don’t need a cotton pad as its slightly textured formula can be applied directly with your fingertips before your other skincare products. It feels delightful to apply, both morning and evening!

Aquabella® Essence-Lotion

With its ultra-light and transparent liquid texture and fresh scent, the Essence-Lotion is a new preparatory step before your daily beauty routine.

Its slightly textured formulation cloaks the skin in a refreshing moisturizing veil and visibly improves its texture: pores are tightened, skin texture is refined, the complexion is fresher.

To prepare your skin for your day/night cream, apply with a cotton pad after cleansing and then gently tap with your fingers to encourage penetration, avoiding the eye contour area.



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