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How can you prevent fine lines around your eyes?

The eye contour: the most sensitive area of the face.

The eye contour area displays very specific physiological characteristics. As well as being very thin, around 0.05 mm compared with 1 mm on the rest of the face, the skin below the eyes is also low in support fibers such as collagen and elastin.

There are few sebaceous glands (secrete sebum which helps to prevent dryness) in this area in comparison with the rest of the body, which makes it more prone to dehydration and signs of aging become visible faster. It is also very exposed to aggressions from the external environment, such as UV, pollution, wind, etc.

On top of all this, the skin in the eye contour area is under constant stress, if you consider the 30,000 blinks our eyes make each day! In order to be able to perform these movements, the eye contour contains a total of 22 muscles, 14 of which are activated every 10 seconds.

All these factors encourage the appearance of the first signs of aging: skin starts to slacken, it becomes dehydrated, wrinkles and fine lines appear… This area therefore needs special care.

What can you do to prevent wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes?

The eye contour area is particularly sensitive and fragile, which means it shows signs of aging faster and more noticeably. To protect this area from aging, here are a few tips to follow every day:

1. Remove make-up thoroughly.

This is an essential first step as moisturizer needs to be applied to clean and dry skin.

From micellar waters to milks or cleansing oils: there are all kinds of textures to choose from depending on your preferences.

Our advice: if you use a waterproof mascara, don’t rub too hard as this could irritate your eyes and cause loss of lashes. Use a cleansing oil instead or place a cotton pad soaked in cleanser over your eye for a few seconds: for even easier removal of make-up.

2. Apply an eye cream every day.

After removing make-up, apply an anti-aging eye cream, ideally in the morning and evening, This specially formulated product will moisturize the skin around your eyes and protect it from external aggressions, while providing a targeted action on wrinkles, fine lines and slackening.

How should you apply your eye cream for best effects?



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