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How to prevent ‘Maskne’ or mask acne ?

For some time now, a mask has become a new accessory in our everyday lives. Although it’s more essential than ever, a mask often brings with it a crop of minor imperfections. What about you, have you noticed any changes in your skin? Perhaps a few imperfections or spots in places? If your mask is irritating your skin, it’s time to act. Check out our tips to combat maskne and soothe your skin!

Maskne: what exactly is it?

“A contraction of ‘mask’ and ‘acne’, maskne describes various minor skin reactions caused by daily wear of a mask and which alter its appearance. Nursing staff and other mask-wearing professions are already familiar with this phenomenon, but the pandemic means that many more of us are now also discovering its effects and wondering how to deal with them. Initially used to describe acne caused by wearing a mask, ‘maskne’ now encompasses a whole range of other reactions and imperfections. Two main reactions can be triggered by wearing a mask for long periods:

– Skin feels more irritated and sensitive, affected by sensations of tugging, dryness, dehydration and red patches.
– Skin is more prone to imperfections than usual, with pimples, blackheads, shiny patches and other imperfections.”

Why do these reactions occur?

A mask has a slight occlusive effect, this is actually its aim. It’s ideal to protect us from viruses, but it’s not such good news for our skin. The condensation and heat created by our breath remain trapped under the mask, creating a very humid atmosphere. At the same time, our skin produces excess sebum to protect itself, especially in areas where the mask is rubbing, which then triggers an outbreak of acne.

Result: the skin’s balance is disrupted and sebum accumulates on its surface, pores are blocked, spots, blackheads and other imperfections appear, skin is red in places and more sensitive.

So what beauty routine should you follow to counteract maskne?

First step: correctly identify your skin’s reaction to provide the right solution! Then adapt your daily routine accordingly.

My skin is dehydrated, sensitive and feels tight:

Dehydration, dryness, irritations, redness, tugging and itching… What is causing these symptoms? Continuous rubbing of the mask on your face. The skin on the face is thinner in comparison with the rest of the body and repeated rubbing from a mask will make it more sensitive and fragile. Moisturising is vital!

  1. Use an ultra-gentle make-up remover and cleanser, such as the products in the Very Rose range with Rose Floral Water, recognized for its soothing and softening properties, and the skin respect complex* with moisturizing sugars to hydrate the skin in this essential step. Then apply the Creamy Make-up Remover Milk or the 3-in-1 moisturizing Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin and, to reduce the drying effects of limescale on your skin if you cleanse with water, finish with the Very Rose Toning Mist.
  2. Moisturising is an absolutely vital step! Apply at any time during the day if your skin starts to feels tight after wearing a mask for a few hours.
  3. Apply antioxidant protection, such as the Glow-Boosting Serum with vitamin [C], Prodigieuse® Boost 30 ml for a moisturizing action and to protect the skin from excess free radicals generated as a result of rubbing and irritation from a mask on the skin. A real ‘shield’ solution for your skin!

My skin looks shiny, I have blackheads and spots:

Shiny skin, blackheads, spots and minor imperfections, there’s no doubt about it, you are a victim of maskne. To tackle these symptoms, choose a purifying routine to remove accumulated impurities, perspiration and excess sebum and leave your skin feeling fresh.

  1. Use a product with a deep cleansing action, such as the Very Rose Cleansing Gel Mask with an ultra-fresh gel texture, to cleanse your skin and remove all the impurities that have built up on your face under your mask.
  2. Exfoliate your skin regularly. When your skin needs extra care, treat it to daily micro-exfoliation with the Aquabella Purifying Gel for combination skin, which can be used every day as its very fine micro-balls have no aggressive action on the skin.
  3. Apply a purifying or detoxifying mask. If your face is affected by shine or excess sebum rather than actual imperfections, we have the perfect solution, our Purifying + Smoothing Insta-Masque with white clay and a rich cream texture to cleanse and smooth your skin with no drying effect, or our Detoxifying and Glow Charcoal Insta-Masque with natural charcoal derived from botanical bamboo to detoxify the skin and boost radiance.
  4. Moisturising is crucial, even for combination and oily skin! All skin types need moisturizing, so care for your skin with the Aquabella® Moisturising Emulsion. This product is formulated specially for combination skin to purify oily zones and moisturize dry zones.

Finally, whatever your skin type and concerns, always avoid constantly reusing the same mask, the one you keep nice and warm in your pocket or bag and whip out at every opportunity. Replace your mask regularly, at least every 4 hours. This is very important as a used mask stores accumulated dead skin cells, sebum and perspiration… All of which cause maskne!

Say farewell to maskne and hello to purified skin!

*Skin respect.

**Except for Crème Fraîche® de Beauté mist.




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