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Skincare rituals from Asia

With novel application methods and innovative textures, Asian beauty rituals are in vogue and attracting increasing numbers of followers. And it’s hardly surprising, as they combine targeted techniques with powerful natural-origin ingredients, in a special beauty concept commonly known as layering. This traditional method from Asia involves applying different layers of specific care products in a set sequence to maximize their effects.

1. Perfect make-up removal and cleansing: double-cleansing.

In a quest for a porcelain-like complexion, Asian women place great emphasis on make-up removal and cleansing. Not content with simply removing make-up, they use a technique known as double cleansing for a very purifying effect: make-up removal is followed by thorough cleansing of their skin.

Removing make-up is an essential part of any good skincare routine and this is the first step in layering. To remove all traces of make-up without irritating their skin, Asian women prefer oil cleansers: an ideal galenic for make-up removal as the fatty substances in the oil dissolve impurities.

A make-up removing oil is very easy to use: simply dispense two or three pumps of oil into the palm of your dry hand, warm it with your fingers and then gently rub it over your face and eyes. Rinse with warm water.

The second essential step in layering is cleansing. After removing make-up, Asian women always cleanse their skin using an appropriate product. Follow their example in the morning and evening, using a facial cleanser tailored to your skin type, such as a foam or cleansing gel.

Finally, Asian women like to use a toning mist or lotion to add the finishing touch to their skincare ritual and remove any residual limescale after cleansing.

2. Effective correction for your skin

Once all traces of make-up have been removed and the skin is thoroughly cleansed, the next steps in the layering approach involve the application of products providing a targeted response to the skin’s needs.

  •  First comes a care lotion, to prepare the skin for subsequent products and maximize the benefits of their ingredients.
  • An eye cream is then applied to protect this sensitive area, the first part of the face to show signs of aging due to the thinness of the skin. Apply an eye cream tailored to your skin’s needs once or twice a day. Our little tip: for an instant refreshing and decongesting effect, keep your eye cream in the fridge.
  • A serum comes next. Its high concentration of active ingredients makes a serum an essential part of any skincare routine to really boost its effectiveness.
  •  The final step in this beauty ritual is application of a day cream. Asian women place great importance on perfect hydration and this is a vital step in this care routine as it helps to maintain optimum moisture levels to provide day-long hydration for the skin.

Asian women also swear by the benefits of radiance-boosting products to brighten their complexion and help them create porcelain-like skin. And they make sure they protect their skin from external aggressions such as pollution or UV rays by choosing products with an SPF.

3. Face masks: a complementary beauty ally

Their fast-paced, urban lifestyles mean Asian women’s skin is often exposed to pollution, fatigue and stress, so they use masks to give their skin an extra boost in addition to the daily layering ritual.

From moisturizing to detoxifying, masks are applied regularly to beautify the skin and remove accumulated impurities.

Masks are an important part of Asian women’s skincare routines and they apply them to their face two or three times a week.



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