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Slow life: 4 tips to release pressure

It’s not always easy to stay calm and upbeat in the face of the trials and tribulations of daily life! If you feel your good mood starting to fade, follow our simple but effective tips to get back on track!

Inhale… Exhale

Can you feel your anxiety start to rise? Try practicing cardiac coherence. Technique: inhale slowly and deeply through your nose while counting to five and then exhale slowly, through your mouth this time and again counting to five. Practiced for three to five minutes, this breathing technique is very effective in regulating the heart rate and reducing pressure. Meditation can also be a valuable daily tool to help clear your mind: you can find lots of apps that will guide you through the process.

Switch off from time to time

Smartphone, tablet, computer… While these precious tools allow us to keep up with the news and stay in touch with friends and family, they are hard to put down and can even be a source of stress! Why not try a short digital detox of at least one hour a day? The aim is to switch off and give your eyes and brain a break. Choose a relaxing activity for your time out, preferably not involving a screen: perhaps a jigsaw, a coloring book or simply a good novel, even if you only have time to read a few pages.

Move… and sleep!

Exercise has a real mood-boosting effect as it releases a surge of endorphins, known as ‘happy hormones’. Regular physical activity (yoga, aerobics, gym, etc.) is an essential outlet for stress. Exercise also helps you fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality. And a good night’s sleep is essential to manage your emotions.

Take care of yourself

Making time for self-care is vital for your well-being: don’t underestimate the benefits of a cocooning break! From a scrub to a face mask, little beauty treats boost both skin and mood. Once a week, enjoy a soak in hot bath (between 34°C and 38°C). Light some candles and relax for twenty minutes or so listening to a feel-good playlist. When you get out of the bath, spend a little time massaging yourself from head to toe with your favorite body cream or oil. The reassuring sensation of touch and the scent of your favorite products will soothe your soul.

Slow life = Vivre lentement



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