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A closer look at botanical oils

Botanical oils are derived from plants: fruits, nuts, kernels or seeds. These oils are rich in fatty acids which gives them a great affinity with the skin and allows them to be easily absorbed. Their unique composition helps to reconstitute the skin’s protective barrier and retain moisture deep within the cells. They are also very effective on the hair and in strengthening the hair fiber.

Botanical oils have been used for centuries and provide different actions depending on their composition: nourishing, repairing, soothing or even anti-aging.

You are bound to find one or more botanical oils with ideal properties for your skin type and needs. For example, if you have dry skin, opt for soothing and nourishing oils such as Macadamia or Sweet Almond, or for a radiance boost, choose antioxidant-rich oils such as Avocado and Sesame. Contrary to conventional wisdom, even combination to oily skin can reap the benefits of oils such as Jojoba to help regulate sebum production.

What happens at NUXE?

Right from the beginning, we have used 100% botanical oils and this has even become one of our laboratory’s ‘trademarks’, reflecting our conviction of their benefits for the skin.

Why have we chosen botanical rather than mineral oils? This is because although minerals are originally derived from nature, mineral oils are synthetic ingredients obtained using complex chemical or physical transformation processes which modify their structure. They have the specific feature of being inert: they form a film on the skin’s surface, As they do not penetrate deep within the skin, they have no real ‘care’ action in comparison to botanical oils. They are also less environmentally friendly as they are obtained from non-renewable natural resources.

For all these reasons, we prefer botanical oils. What about you? Are you ready to make these oils part of your beauty routine?



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