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How To Relax And Revitalize Your Skin

How To Relax And Revitalize Your Skin

During this uncertain time, it’s easy to feel stressed and under the weather. But think about it, how often do you have this much time at home? How many times do you use the excuse “I don’t have time!” when friends ask about your skincare routine? There are no excuses now! Tired and dull skin is likely to be crying out for some serious TLC. Why not use this time to properly relax and unwind by giving your skin a well-needed treat with our detox skincare and relaxation routine.

Cleanse Your Skin

Our Aquabella Purifying Exfoliating Gel , formulated for combination and oily skin, is perfect for getting down into those blocked pores without drying out the skin. With tiny micro-beads, it smoothes irregularities and removes excess sebum to leave the complexion clear and luminous. Emulsify the gel by massaging into damp skin then rinse and remove with a hot cloth. Rehydrate with your favorite moisturizer to add the finishing touch to your newly cleansed skin.

Run yourself a relaxing bath

The Christmas wind down is the perfect time to relax with a hot bath to both revitalise the skin and soothe stiff muscles. Dim the lights, put on some calming music and light a sensual candle to get well and truly zen. Prepare your bath water with a spritz of our multi-purpose dry oil, Huile Prodigieuse . Enriched with 7 precious botanical oils and a calming scent of Magnolia, Orange Blossom and Vanilla, it’ll fill the bath with a beautifully calming aroma whilst giving a nourishing treat to revitalize your skin.

Whilst you relax in the bath, it’s a great time to let your skincare get to some serious work with your favorite face mask. Our Insta-Masque Clay Face Mask is a great option to gently soothe. It combines the benefits of Rose floral water with white clay to gently purify the skin. In just 2 minutes, skin feels cleansed and looks visibly smoother.

Give yourself an at-home massage

Post-bathtime is an ideal opportunity to give yourself an indulgent self-massage, and Huile Prodigieuse is the perfect massage oil. Not only indulgent and relaxing, its unique formula with Vitamin E and precious botanical oils will also hydrate, nourish and repair the skin. Simply apply a few drops to your hands and work in deep circular motions into the legs, arms, chest and shoulders.

Facial massage is also an incredible way of rejuvenating the skin. It prevents wrinkles, revitalizes skin plus boosts lymphatic drainage and it’s incredibly easy to do this at home. Begin your massage by using long sweeping motions at the top of the face to elongate the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system.

As you move down, sweep your hands from the center of the face out and upwards to encourage lifting of the muscles. Go careful around the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes by running your fingers on either side of the nose, round to the temples to reduce puffiness. Work around the jaw bone by placing your thumbs underneath and two fingers above and apply pressure by sliding the along the center of the chin towards the ears. This will firm the skin whilst draining lymphatic fluid.

Get your beauty sleep

Take advantage of your less hectic schedule by getting plenty of beauty sleep. Allowing time for serious zzz is integral for maintaining healthy, youthful skin, as this is when skin cells best regenerate. Maximize the benefits by applying a night serum or moisturizer before bed and allow it to soak in as you sleep. After a hectic month, lines and wrinkles are likely to be making a very visible appearance, so combat this by using an anti-aging night treatment such as our Nuxellence Night Care. This powerful product recharges the skin by repairing mitochondrial DNA to reveal a youthful and revived complexion.

If your skin is feeling tight and dry following a cold winter season, you may want to think about using a rich moisturizing treatment before bed instead to revitalize skin. Our Reve de Miel Nourishing Night Moisturizer uses honey and precious oils to replenish lipids and repair the skin’s barrier to reveal a soft and supple complexion.

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