The effortless natural beauty of Parisian women and a passion for nature have forged my vision for Nuxe over the years. My philosophy has always been to offer every woman an indulgent, sensorial experience with products that are easy to use and combine precious natural active ingredients with the latest technological innovation.

Aliza Jabès

The story of NUXE is indivisible from Aliza Jabès,
President of the NUXE Group.

Nuxe’s runaway success among all women starts with great products infused with the bounty of nature. But it’s also down to founder Aliza Jabès’s understanding of what they look for in their beauty regimen. Entrepreneur Aliza grew up in the City of Light, and her urban roots meant she knew how to tap into La Parisienne’s beauty desires – they mirrored her own: no endless skincare routine, just essential must-haves with a touch of glamour.

In the early 1990s, Aliza discovered Nuxe, a small, natural skincare laboratory based in Paris, and knew she’d hit on something big: a unique concept combining Nature and Luxury, fundamentals that have inspired and guided the brand’s philosophy through the years.

Indeed, she had been fascinated by nature since childhood. She spotted an opportunity to bring something new to the market while shaping a brand on her own terms. As well as combining the most precious elements from Nature and the latest innovation-driven R&D, Aliza’s skincare line would offer a unique sensorial touch in ultra-feminine, effortlessly chic products. What better way to meet the natural yet sophisticated beauty needs of women all over the world?

Star product Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil for face, body and hair embodies the brand’s philosophy, a blend of pleasure and efficacy in a voluptuously addictive experience. With its unique dry texture, not only does it nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair, it also smells and feels great. Its secret natural formula of precious botanical oils and plant extracts combines effortless beauty with immediate results and a touch of indulgence, ensuring its star status among women.

Nuxe harnesses the powers of nature to make all women feel prodigiously beautiful. There’s no mystery behind Nuxe’s success—the brand simply delivers on its promises of Parisian natural beauty.

NUXE by numbers

NUXE, the leader in the major beauty segments in pharmacies

Nuxe en quelques chiffres




* Source : IMS Health - PEC Sell-Out Pharmacy and Parapharmacy - Facial anti-aging and anti-wrinkles market in France – from 2012 to the end of November 2015 – MAT - in value.

** Source : IMS Health - PEC Sell-Out Pharmacy and Parapharmacy - Body moisturizing oils market for women in France – MAT November 2015 – in volume and value.

*** Source : IMS Health - PEC Sell-Out Pharmacy and Parapharmacy – Market of body firming & anti-age cream for women in France – MAT November 2015 – in volume and value.

  • 74 countries

    International presence

  • 45 patents filed

    Guarantee of performance,
    innovation and exclusivity

  • 30  NUXE SPAS

    Situated in the most
    luxurious locations

The NUXE Philosophy

Since its creation, the NUXE Laboratory has focused on developing high quality skincare products
based on the 5 pillars of the pharmaceutical approach and adapted for the cosmetics industry.

  1. 1Nature

    The inexhaustible source of creativity and effectiveness.
    Nature is at the heart of the vision of cosmetics.


  2. 2Innovation

    NUXE has had its own integrated Research & Development laboratory
    since the beginning. Today, 45 patents have already been filed
    and a number of others are being worked on.

  3. 3Evaluation

    A product is only launched once its safety and efficacy
    are proven by rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.

  4. 4Accessibility

    The most effective natural cosmetics are not always the most expensive.
    NUXE always aims to offer consumers high-performance products at a fair price.

  5. 5Sensory Experience

    NUXE places considerable importance on the sensory pleasure of different textures
    the subtlety of the fragrances and on captivating names in order to combine
    effectiveness with frequent use.

Key dates in France

Aliza Jabès buys the NUXE Laboratory
Launch of Huile Prodigieuse®, the first product and the first success story.
Creation of Baume Lèvres
Rêve de Miel® Lip Balm
Launch of the Crème Fraîche®
de Beauté product line
Opening of the first NUXE Spa
Creation of the Nirvanesque® range
Creation of the BIO-BEAUTÉ®
by NUXE brand
NUXE launches its Men's range,
Launch of the very first NUXE fragrance, Prodigieux® Le Parfum
Launch of the NUXE SUN sun skincare range
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