Vegan formula made in France

Merveillance Expert

From age 40, this lifting and firming care range with Daylily Oleoactive® works to tone skin and correct wrinkles.

Merveillance Expert Collection

NUXE Research

Anti-ageing care to lift and firm the skin

Laboratoire NUXE has discovered 12 ‘active’ molecules with exceptional anti-ageing properties in the heart of a flower, the Daylily.

The culmination of many years of research and protected by 3 patents (FR), the Merveillance Expert range acts to create a lifting effect, fill in wrinkles and firm the skin.

NUXE’s sensoriality has worked its magic once again, awakening the senses with divine textures and the delicate scent of a floral bouquet combining the penetrating sweetness of ylang ylang, the femininity of jasmine and the silky smoothness of vanilla.

The five essential anti-ageing products in the Merveillance Expert range provide a precise and daily response to women’s concerns.

Results observed by women:

- skin is immediately tighter, appearing lifted for 72%(1)

- after one week, skin appears toned for 91%(2) 

Star Ingredient


NUXE has selected red Daylily, grown on the Dutch island of Texel, for its rich content of active molecules. Drawing on 20 years of expertise in botanical oils, our laboratory has selected a natural, dynamic and solvent-free extraction process to extract the entire refined essence of the plant: oleo-eco-extraction.

The oleoactive thus obtained contains no fewer than 12 active molecules, including flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids, and shows major anti-ageing properties. As well as its antioxidant activity, Daylily Oleoactive helps to improve the skin’s firmness by targeting the 3 key proteins of youthful skin (collagen, elastin, vimentin).

Merveillance Expert beauty routine

Step 1: Apply the Merveillance Expert serum to your face 

1. Warm a pea-sized amount of serum between the palms of your hands.

2. Apply to your face using pressing movements, keeping your hands flat.

Step 2: Then apply the Merveillance Expert eye cream:

1. Take up a pea-sized drop of product and spread it over the middle fingers of each hand.

2. Use your middle finger to smooth your lower and upper eyelids, working towards the outer contours of the face and maintaining an upward pressure for 3 seconds on the temples. Repeat 3 times.

Step 3: Apply the Merveillance Expert correcting care 

In the morning, apply either the cream or the rich cream depending on your skin type.

In the evening, apply the renewing cream.

About Merveillance expert

Laboratoire Nuxe has discovered 12 ""active"" molecules with exceptional anti-wrinkle properties at the heart of a newly decoded flower, the Daylily. The result of several years of research with 3 patents pending (FR), the Merveillance Expert range helps fills in established wrinkles and plumps where skin has lost its firmness.

Once again, Nuxe sensoriality has worked its magic, awakening your senses with divine textures and the delicate scent of a floral bouquet that blends the intense exoticism of ylang ylang, the femininity of jasmine and the sumptuous sweetness of vanilla.

The six essential anti-wrinkle products that make up the Merveillance Expert range offer a targeted daily response to the skin care needs of women from the age of 40.

Results observed by women:

From one week of use, wrinkles are reduced for 72% (1)

From one week of use, skin is firmer for 78% (4)

⁽¹⁾ Use test - 32 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately after using the Merveillance Expert Lift and Firm Serum.

⁽²⁾ Use test - 32 volunteers - improvement % evaluated by the volunteer after 28 days of using the Merveillance Expert Lift and Firm Serum.

⁽³⁾ IQVIA – PharmaOne Pharmatrend – anti-aging market (82B5 & 82D2A) - in pharmacies - France - Year 2020 – volume.

⁽⁴⁾ Use test performed on 32 volunteers - satisfaction % after 7 days of applying Merveillance Expert® Regenerating Night Cream