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Merveillance® Expert​

Containing daylily to plump up deep wrinkles and firm skin.


About Merveillance® expert

Merveillance® Expert is the result of several years of research, discovery and innovation by the Laboratoire NUXE. The Merveillance® Expert collection is ideal for those with mature skin types.

Laboratoire NUXE has discovered 12 "active" molecules with exceptional anti-wrinkle properties at the heart of a newly decoded flower, the Daylily. The result of several years of research with 3 patents pending (FR), the Merveillance® Expert range helps fills in established wrinkles and plumps where skin has lost its firmness.

Once again, the NUXE Laboratoire has worked its magic, awakening your senses with divine textures and the delicate scent of a floral bouquet that blends the intense exoticism of ylang ylang, the femininity of jasmine and the sumptuous sweetness of vanilla. The five essential anti-wrinkle products that make up the Merveillance® Expert range offer a targeted daily response to the skin care needs of women from the age of 40.

Incorporate Merveillance® Expert into your daily skincare routine and unlock the secret to firmer and more youthful-looking skin.


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Your Merveillance® Expert Skincare Routine:

Begin with the Merveillance® Expert Lifting Serum, which immediately smooths and lifts the skin. The Merveillance® Expert Lifting Eye Cream enhances the beauty of your eye area and smooths the skin from the first application. The Merveillance® Expert Enrichie Rich Correcting Cream helps to fill wrinkles, enhance firmness and nourish dry to very dry skin. The Merveillance® Expert Regenerating Night Cream works during the night to help fill wrinkles and smooth the skin. Finally, the Merveillance® Expert Correcting Cream tones the skin and fights signs of aging. Discover the Merveillance® Expert skincare range and glow from the inside out.

Proven Results

From one week of use, wrinkles are reduced for 72% (1)

From one week of use, skin is firmer for 78% (2)


(1) Use test performed on 32 volunteers - satisfaction % after 7 days of applying Merveillance Expert® Lifting Serum.

(2) Use test performed on 32 volunteers - satisfaction % after 7 days of applying Merveillance Expert® Regenerating Night Cream.