Nourishing Skin Care Rêve de Miel ®

Using our ultra-nourishing skin care is like wrapping yourself up in a cosy cocoon
that soothes and comforts dry to sensitive skin from head to toe thanks to
the infinite benefits of honey.

About Rêve de Miel®


Moisture is the key to soft, beautiful skin. This is why the NUXE Laboratory has developed an ultra-nourishing range that soothes and comforts the skin.


Thanks to ingredients like Honey and Precious Oils, the Rêve de Miel® range is a pure delight for all skin types, enveloping you in the delicate scent of Honey!


To meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin, NUXE has created a broad range of nourishing care for the face and body: a gentle shampoo, day and night creams, a nourishing body cream, an ultra-rich cleansing gel, hand and foot creams, a makeup remover and cleansing gel, and lip balm.


Let yourself succumb to the unique texture and subtle Honey and Grapefruit fragrance of the Lip Balm Ultra-Nourishing, one of the brand’s bestsellers. This balm nourishes, repairs, and protects dry, damaged lips.


To gently cleanse your skin, use the soap-free Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Gel, which cleans and soothes the skin in one go, with the cozy scent of Honey. These ultra-nourishing products are a pure delight for dry and sensitive skin. 

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