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NUXE Laboratory

All our products are subjected to safety analysis and tests. Usage tests are carried out under dermatological supervision.

Female Scientist with goggles on formulating ingredients

Our Laboratory

Creating exceptional skincare products in our own laboratory.

Since its creation, NUXE has had its own natural-origin cosmetics laboratory located in the surrounding Paris area. Established with the rest of the group’s teams, this is an extraordinary advantage which allows us to continue following our instincts and bringing our most innovative ideas to life.

Our teams at Laboratoire NUXE are inspired daily by nature. To formulate our products, our formulation experts select plants with precious properties, still used rarely in cosmetics, to extract the most effective active ingredients, sources of energy and regeneration.

Thanks to this unique art of selecting and bringing together effective active ingredients, and inventing exclusive, original action mechanisms, more than 45 NUXE patents have been filed in France, ranking the group among the most innovative companies in the country according to INPI (French National Intellectual Property Institute).

True to its quality commitments, all NUXE formulas are designed according to a strict charter, with guaranteed effectiveness thanks to routine tests conducted under dermatological supervision by independent laboratories.

Luxurious white flower in a petri dish

Nature is at the heart of our formulas

As the source of major therapeutic discoveries, nature has been an infinite source of energy, regeneration and inspiration for our research laboratory since the creation of NUXE.

- We have drawn on its most precious active molecules to offer the best for your skin (FR patents on active ingredients)

- We favour the use of ingredients of natural origin obtained using environmentally-friendly processes.

- We do not use certain synthetic ingredients, such as parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colorants, etc.

- We do not use raw materials derived from animals (except for beehive products).

- We are inspired by its sensory appeal and the emotion it creates, to convey it in our products, through our textures and scents.

Scientific Experiments of Nuxe Skincare Products

The composition of a NUXE skincare product

Water: whether floral water or demineralized water, it adds freshness and lightness to our textures.

Glycerin: essential for the effective moisturizing of the skin, the glycerin that we use is 100% of botanical origin, obtained from wheat and beet.

Plant-based ingredients: of natural origin, they are central to the effectiveness of NUXE skincare products. From discoveries of our laboratory, they are currently the subject of more than 39 patents (FR).

Texture agents: we favor botanical oils, butters and waxes which add richness to our skincare products and make it possible to regulate the creaminess and fluidity of textures.

Emulsifiers: natural origin components which help to combine the ingredients of a formula to obtain a stable and even mixture (an emulsion).

Scent: tailor-made olfactory composition created by professional perfumers in accordance with our very strict internal charter.

Preservatives: whether of natural or synthetic origin, they are essential to prevent micro-organisms from developing during the product life.

Specific ingredients: they help to respond to specific actions, such as for example, sunscreens for protection against UV rays.