Nuxuriance® Ultra

This range of global anti-aging, replenishing skincare with saffron and bougainvillea bi-floral cells replenishes, regenerates and fills in wrinkles.

About Nuxuriance® Ultra


After the age of 45, the signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, spots, and loss of firmness, are clearly visible. The skin loses density and radiance and becomes drier.


The Nuxuriance® Ultra anti-aging range with Precious Plants gives skin made fragile by hormonal variations the quintessence of NUXE research. This range, made up of five anti-aging care products, offers the perfect daily beauty routine for skin after the age of 48.


Every morning, apply the Anti-aging Redensifying Cream to even out the complexion and restore radiance, for moisturized skin all day long. For a global effectg, the NUXE Laboratory has developed a Re-plumping Roll-on Mask that helps smooth the skin and reshape facial contours.


Apply the Anti-aging Redensifying Night Cream in the evening to help increase skin tone and tone the skin. When you wake up, your face appears smoothed out.


For a complete effectiveness, apply the Anti-Aging Redensifying Serum morning and night to help to reduce the color intensity of brown spots and revive the complexion’s radiance. Your skin is fuller and plumper.


The eye and lip cream offers comprehensive anti-aging action: it moisturizes, helps to reduce the color intensity of brown spots and bags, and brightens the look of dark spots.


Use the anti-aging treatments from the Nuxuriance® Ultra range for more radiant skin.

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