Our Values

Nos valeurs

Nature, the source of performance and pleasure

Nuxe harnesses the powers of nature and distills the essence of effortless,
chic Parisian beauty in highly effective, award-winning* cosmetics that make each and every woman feel prodigiously beautiful.

*Nuxe products have to date won 168 French and international consumer awards.



An inexhaustible source of efficacy and creativity, nature lies at the heart of NUXE’s DNA

- A selection of the most effective natural active ingredients.

- Unprecedented utilization of the active plant ingredients:
"Flowering sections" from Passionflower, "Seed" from the Blue Lotus, "Polyphenols" from Blue Everlasting.




Having its own integrated R&D laboratory allows NUXE to create the most innovative plant-based formulas and rigorously test them under dermatological supervision.

- 45 patents (FR) currently pending for NUXE Laboratory’s exclusive discoveries.

- Results objectivated on finished products, using in vivo and in vitro biometrological evaluation methods.



Parisian women, like women everywhere, love Nuxe products most of all because they are a joy to use.

Delightful fragrances, delectable textures and a sensorial experience are what makes NUXE products so unique.

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