First wrinkle skin care Nirvanesque®

Give your skin a dose of Zen attitude thanks to our first wrinkle skin care
with its relaxing effect. It smooths out fine lines and relaxes the skin for a radiant complexion.

About Nirvanesque®


It is never too early to start fighting wrinkles. In fact, the most effective way is to anticipate their appearance. Pollution and a lack of hydration and sleep are the main factors in the appearance of your first wrinkles. For this reason, the products designed to fight against first wrinkles focus on moisturizing the skin to help smooth it.


To meet this need, the NUXE Laboratory has developed the Nirvanesque® First Expression Lines range with Peony and Blue Lotus Seeds, to smooth your first expression lines, relax the features, and smooth the skin.


This anti-aging range for first wrinkles features a selection of products that target your needs: day creams adapted for each skin type and a first wrinkle eye cream.


Nirvanesque® cream visibly smoothes fine lines and first wrinkles. The skin is immediately relaxed and hydrated. The features are relaxed, and the complexion is radiant.


Blur your first expression lines thanks to the anti-aging products in the Nirvanesque® range, perfect for smoothing features and relaxing the complexion.


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