Innovation and Research

Innovation et recherche

Innovation and Research

The NUXE Laboratory offers you innovative, effective Nature.

With its 45 filed patents [FR) that result from its scientific excellence in terms of Research and Development, NUXE is constantly innovating to discover even more effective and powerful skincare products.

Innovation et recherche

Plant-based innovation

Une innovation végétale
  • 45 patents filed to protect NUXE's research.
  • Pioneering methods based on plant expertise.
  • Publications and scientific reports that make NUXE Laboratory a reference in the field of cosmetic science.
  • Objectivized results of finished products, biometeorological assessment methods in vivo and in vitro.

Products are a joy to use

Un plaisir d'utilisation exceptionnel
  • Sumptuous textures that enhance the product's effectiveness.
  • Enchanting aromas.

Proven, award-winning results

Des résultats prouvés et récompensés

The NUXE Laboratory is renowned and has received many awards for its innovation and industrial property.

  • In 2007, NUXE was awarded the INPI trophy for innovation as one of the most innovative businesses in France. The company received the INPI award for the second time in 2011.
  • An exceptional track record including more than 145 awards (French and international consumer awards).

Patents [FR]

NUXE, 45 patents filed: proof of the company's effective products and research

Proof of the company's effective products and research, numerous findings have contributed towards each NUXE patent.


Face and body care

  • * Excluding Crème Redensifiante for all skin types and Sérum Nuxuriance®: 6 patents.
  • ** Refers to the Soin Anti-Imperfection.
  • *** Refers to Sérum Minceur Cellulite Incrustée and Crème Fondante Raffermissante.
  • **** Refers to Baume Après-Rasage Multi-Fonctions, Contour des Yeux Multi-Fonctions, Gel Multi-Fonctions Hydratant.
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