Eye cream

Eye creams that moisturize, smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles and ease signs of tiredness.
Easy as A-B-C, and what’s more, a pleasure to use.

About NUXE Eye Cream



The eye contour is especially sensitive and is easily marked by fatigue and wrinkles.


The NUXE Laboratory has developed eye creams formulated with high rates of natural origin ingredients to meet every need: Eye Cream Prodigieux®, which reduces the appearance of bags and diminishes the appareance of dark circles, First Wrinkle Eye Cream Nirvanesque®, which encourages the skin relaxation and brightens the eye area, and Eye and Lips Contour Anti-aging Cream Nuxuriance®, which lightens the look of dark spots and lifts the eye area.


NUXE also has a product for men, the Men Eye Cream NUXE Men, an anti-aging care that fights against bags and dark circles to reduce puffiness and signs of age.


Beauty tip: the fresh touch! Put your eye cream in the refrigerator 1-2 hours before using it to help revive and tighten your eye area and reduce puffiness.  

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