Facial Moisturizer Crème Prodigieuse®

Moisturize, revive and protect the skin from oxidative stress, one of the main
causes of premature skin aging, with our facial moisturizers enhanced with
the delicate scent of L’Huile Prodigieuse.

About Crème Prodigieuse®



To fight against premature skin aging, partially caused by free radicals, the NUXE Laboratory has developed the Crème Prodigieuse® range. It protects the skin from oxidative stress, which is caused by a number of external factors such as UV rays, pollution, stress, and fatigue.


This moisturizing, reviving range is formulated with precious Blue Everlasting Flower and features a selection of specific products of every need and every skin type: day and night creams and an eye cream.


Every morning, apply the Reviving Moisturizing Cream, which is concentrated in powerful anti-oxidants which protect and moisturize your skin all day long.


The Night Moisturizer Cream promotes cell renewal and fights against the oxidative stress your skin is exposed to throughout the day. When you wake up, fine lines are smoother and the skin is brighter.


What makes this hydrating and reviving range so special? These skin care products have the unique fragrance of the legendary Huile Prodigieuse®.

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