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Rêve de Miel®: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Rêve de Miel®: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

We put it to Instagram and answered your most burning questions about our NUXE Rêve de Miel® nourishing skincare range.

What skin type is Rêve de Miel® suitable for?

Rêve de Miel® works best for dry or sensitive skin, but it can be used on all skin types. It’s perfect for the Winter months when the weather can affect your skin.

Will the Rêve de Miel® body scrub dry my skin?

No. Rêve de Miel® works to really nourish the skin rather than attacking the complex structure of your facial skin, especially rejuvenating the cells that are needed to keep skin healthy and protected, respecting the hydrolipid film. It uses natural-origin active ingredients including Honey, Sunflower, Coconut and Allantoin which makes it great for nourishing the skin. Whilst the scrub will remove any unnecessary dead skin cells, it focuses on skin nourishment and leaving your skin feeling velvety soft.

What is the body oil balm texture like? Does it leave a film on the skin?

It melts into the skin like an oil and feels ultra-nourishing with ingredients such as Honey and precious botanical Oils including  Argan and Borage to help moisturize, but it leaves no sticky texture. It was recently described as “Hyper-hydrating and no stickiness!” by India Knight of the Sunday Times. That was our goal – to create a product that completely nourished and hydrated your skin, but didn’t leave any sticky or unwanted residue.

Is the face cleansing gel suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, in fact it also contains no sulfites unlike most cleansers, so it doesn’t upset the pH balance of the skin and is nourishing whilst removing make-up and excess oil efficiently. Our product ingredients are very much focused on the natural and raw ingredients provided to us by mother earth, so they’re never heavily abrasive against your skin.

Where on the skin do I apply the Rêve de Miel® super balm?

Anywhere! It repairs the skin in just six hours and can be used anywhere on the skin as needed. Many customers like using it on dry skin on their elbows or knuckles which are areas heavily sensitive to dryness. It’s suitable for the whole family to use so if you’re out on a family Christmas outing this year be sure to have it packed!



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