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Our Top 4 Make-Up Removal Tips

Our Top 4 Make-Up Removal Tips

We get it. Spending copious amounts of time using makeup remover at the end of a long day can be up there among the least appealing of tasks; especially when that stubborn waterproof mascara just will not budge. But the importance of a proper cleanse isn’t just advisory – it’s necessary. The effects of inadequate makeup removal range from oiliness, acne breakouts, or dryness, yet so many of us aren’t doing it properly (those early morning panda eyes are a huge giveaway …). 

But removing your makeup needn’t be a chore; coupled with the right luxurious products – it can be the perfect way to relax and unwind. So follow our tips on how to remove makeup, including waterproof makeup, and leave your skin bare-faced, beautiful and radiant. 

1. Use Micellar Cleansing Water

Focus initially on getting rid of your surface-level foundation and eye makeup with a simple makeup remover. Not only will this get rid of the initial bulk of the product, but will allow you to get deeper into the skin when it comes to your second cleanse.

A Micellar Cleansing Water, such as our formula with Rose Petals is ideal for this. Using micelles; tiny balls of cleansing molecules suspended in water, it very gently breaks down makeup and purifies the complexion without drying the skin.

Simply soak a soft cotton pad and lightly sweep over your face to remove your make up.

2. Remove Your Eye Make up

Mascara and eyeliner can be particularly difficult to remove but it’s so important to get rid of every last scrap. The skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive, so take your time and go gently. Wanting to know how to remove waterproof make up or infact any make up? For the best eye makeup remover, soak a cotton pad with cleansing water, then place it on the upper eyelid for a few seconds, with your eyes closed. Repeat on the lower eyelid, allowing the cotton pad to rest against the eyelashes. Finally, gently sweep the cotton pad from the inner eye to the outer eye, repeating several times. This will be the perfect eye make up remover as the cleanser will help to dissolve the product, making it much easier to wipe away.

3. Always double-cleanse

We did say doing it properly takes time. A second cleanse is essential to remove any remaining makeup. It will ensure that your skin’s not only makeup-free but also rid of impurities and dead skin cells which can all contribute to spots and breakouts.

Opt for an oil-based facial cleanser for your second cleanse, such as our Cleansing Oil with Rose Petals as this will be most effective at breaking down dirt. If you suffer from oiliness, opt for a foaming product such as our Foaming Cleanser with rose petals which will help to remove excess sebum. Apply to dry skin and thoroughly massage into your face, then remove with a warm or hot cloth. Ensure not to miss out any harder-to-reach areas, such as the hairline where we can be more prone to spots.

For a deeper cleanse and an indulgent spa-like feel, allow your hot cloth to sit on your face for a minute or so to allow the pores to dilate and make excess dirt more accessible.

4. Finish with a Toner

When you use a cleansing milk to remove makeup, it is essential to finish off your cleansing routine with a toning spritz to completely remove the traces of makeup. Don’t use the toning lotion alone as a makeup remover. It’s perfect for removing excess cleansing milk but is not sufficient to remove makeup on its own. For that, you need to use micellar water for efficient make up removal.

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