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Step-by-Step Guide For The Perfect at Home Spa

Step-by-Step Guide For The Perfect at Home Spa

Whilst escaping to a luxurious spa is probably at the top of all of our current wish lists right now, it’s not always practical to fit it into our hectic schedules. But an incredible pamper doesn’t have to mean forking out hundreds or traveling a distance. We promise that you can easily achieve total relaxation in the comfort of your own home, as long as you have the right products. So, the experts at NUXE have compiled the products you’ll need for the ultimate at-home spa session.

1. Set the right environment…

There’s no point trying to unwind in an untidy house full of noisy pets or children; the at-home spa experience is all about a relaxing ambiance and an atmosphere that’s completely and totally Zen.

Before you start your at-home spa day, choose a time with minimal distractions and focus on creating a relaxing environment that you’ll enjoy being in. Clear away any mess, put on some soothing music, run a hot bath and finally, light a luxury scented indoor candle.

2. Run Yourself a Bath

Now’s the time to start your journey to relaxation. Prep your bath water with a spritz of Huile Prodigieuse® – our multi-purpose and moisturizing dry oil with relaxing notes of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla, which will instantly evoke the aromatherapy steam rooms of a luxury spa. Relax in the oil-infused water is the perfect way to wind-down and release cutaneous tension.

Once you’ve spent some time relaxing in the warm waters, help to remove dead skin cells with an exfoliating body care such as our Reve de Miel® deliciously nourishing body scrub with Honey, Sugar Crystals and Precious Oils. Focus on massaging the arms and legs and any rough patches, such as the elbows, feet or knees to gently exfoliate and nourish the direst areas and covering them in a smooth protective veil.

3. Give yourself a massage…

Once you’ve left the bath, work moisture and hydration back into your skin with a luxury body lotion or body oil spray. Dry oil Huile Prodigieuse® makes for the perfect massage oil which be worked into your legs, arms and shoulders.

4. Try an at-home facial…

Now you’ve relaxed your body, it’s time to set to work on achieving a radiant complexion with our facial cleansers. With so many amazing skincare products at your fingertips, you can easily achieve a salon-level facial from your bathroom cabinet.

A hot bath will have helped to dilate your pores, so start the routine by clearing away impurities with a toning lotion. You can also use a gentle cleansing oil such as our Micellar Cleansing Oil with Rose Petals Massage into your skin. Rinse with a hot cloth to ensure you’re keeping the pores open or even leave a hot, damp towel on your face for a few minutes, go in with a second, more abrasive exfoliating cleanser to rid any dead skin.

For those with a combination skin, Aquabella® micro-exfoliating gel removes excess sebum without drying the skin, or for those with a more sensitive complexion – try our Radiance Peeling Lotion with rose petals.

Following cleanser, apply a more targeted face mask for 10 minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate deep into the skin but choose one that’s specifically suited to your complexion. For oily skin, try our Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel Mask with Rose Petals.

Finish up your facial with a nourishing serum like our Essential Antioxidant Serum. Concentrating the antioxidant properties of Chia Seed extract, this organic and aromatic serum melts into the skin to protect it from everyday external aggressors and to preserve its youthful appearance and radiance.

5. To finish…


Put together your at home spa day by shopping more luxurious products on the NUXE site.

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