Rêve de Miel®
Lip Moisturizing Stick

Dry or Chapped lips

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Format Stick 4 g






Effective by nature

With its ultra practical size, this Lip Moisturizing Stick protects and soothes chapped or dry lips at any time of the day. Enough to put a smile on your lips, even in winter!

Precious benefits for my skin

This Lip Moisturizing Stick has been tested in extremely cold conditions in Canada, and has proven to protect against external aggression (88%*). Softness and suppleness are restored to lips (75%*).

*Use test carried out under dermatological supervision on 24 women over 28 days in extreme climate conditions in Canada - % of volunteers who agreed with the claim.


My skincare ritual  

Apply the Lip Moisturizing Stick to the lips and contour as often as required. The practical stick format is ultra handy!


My beauty tips

To enhance lips that have been damaged by climate aggression: nourish and soothe with Rêve de Miel® Lip Moisturizing Stick, then apply Baume Prodigieux® Lips.


This product nourishes, repairs, soothes and protects the lips (Precious Sunflower and Macadamia Nut Oils, Barley Extract, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Honey, Vitamin E derivative).

Samantha C. le 29/07/2013

Love the Rêve de Miel moisturizing stick! I feel silly ordering chap stick online, but I can't find it in stores in the US. It's magic, I usually apply it before bed and wake up with absolutely soft lips. No dry, flaky skin, no cracking or wrinkling, just super-soft lips!

Linda D. le 23/05/2013

I'm one of those that is "addicted" to lip sticks. I am a little disappointed that it is not more "juicy" and is more like a chap stick.

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