Multi-purpose After-Shave Balm

Soothing + 24HR Hydration + Invigorating

After Shave Balm - Hypoallergenic

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Format Tube 1.7 oz





Effective by nature

This hypoallergenic After-Shave Balm immediately promotes comfort and softness with no oily effect. It moisturizes for 24 hours and reduces signs of fatigue and stress.

Precious benefits for my skin

Soothes razor burn: 100%*
The skin is softer: 95%*
The skin is more comfortable: 95%*
*Use test carried out under dermatological supervision on 21 male volunteers over 28 days - % of volunteers who agreed with the claim


My skincare ritual

Apply this After-Shave Balm in the morning before shaving and/or in the evening. Ideal after the Multi-Purpose Shaving Gel for increased comfort and softness. Can also be applied over the whole face as a daily skincare product.

My NUXE MEN tips

1/ Squeeze a small amount onto the palm of your hand and dab your other palm onto your hand to have equal amounts on both hand
2/ Apply the product in gentle smoothing motions working outward starting with the forehead
3/...Then the sides of the nose and cheekbones
4/...Finally the cheeks, working upward to the ears


In a single application, this Multi-Purpose After-Shave Balm enables:
1/ Soothing and anti-irritation action. The hydrolipidic film is restored (Sandalwood and Phellodendron). The skin's barrier function is repaired (Extracts of Oak and Hornbeam).
2/ 24HR moisturizing action (Baobab Leaves).
3/ Invigorating action (Aracauria Extract - NUXE patent).
4/ An "anti-regrowth" action for the hair (Extract of Gymnema Sylvestre).

Martin R. le 18/04/2012

I've just tried the new after-shave balm of Nuxe! Really soothing and hydration. Moreover, this new product smells really good... You have to try!

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